Friday, January 30, 2015
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June 10, 2012

Camping (A true story)

On June 9,2012 I went camping with my friend Aarav.The first thing I did when I reached camp was help my family make the tent and set the tarp.Then my dad found out about the Junior Ranger camp.We headed towards it.While we were walking Aarav's car parked by our side.In a wink of an eye Aarav, me and my dad were walking.When we got there my dad signed us in and left.we came a little late.There we first practiced some lines for the campfire this night.then our leader talked to us about recycling.She gave us a book and a bag and gloves.You wear gloves and put trash you find around your campsite into the bag.When the bag is full you go to the ranger's office and she would give you a sticker.When you collected 6 stickers the leader(Mary Ann) will give you a prize!when we came back to the camp site we started throwing trash away.After I made a sign that said ''Aarav's Rishika's and Vedant's family right this way''.Then we had dinner - Mac and cheese, asparagus forest (that I made),chicken,and fish ( that was made in a wet paper bag). Then we went to the campfire we were doing the play in.But bad luck for us we missed the play.But we got to do the quiz,listen to stories,and learn about animals.When we went back to the camp site we roasted marshmellows and made smores!My dad and I alone went to see stars.They were beautiful.I was very tired.I went to sleep in my sleeping bag.As I went to sleep I saw a big mosquito in the tent!I called my dad.Aarav's dad and mine kept losing it but finally caught it and let it free outside.In the morning we ate omlet and went to the ranger's office because our bags were full.Aarav got a blue whale and I got a bird.I had a really fun time.

THE END!smiley